Real Estate Brokers Course

NJ Real Estate License Course Online

Embark on the path to real estate leadership with our Brokers Class—an enriching program that comprises three distinct courses essential for broker licensure. This comprehensive curriculum includes a 90-hour course covering license laws and general instruction, a 30-hour class focused on ethics, and an additional 30-hour class delving into the nuances of office management. While these classes can be taken individually, all three are mandatory for obtaining a broker’s license.

To Obtain a License in New Jersey, Applicants Must:

To Be 18 Years or Older

Minimum of three years of full-time continuous real estate career experience with no other employment leading up to taking the test

Legal Residence and Work Eligibility in the US

Our Brokers Class is more than just a series of courses—it’s a gateway to higher real estate expertise. Whether you take the classes individually or as a comprehensive package, our program is designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in a leadership role within the real estate industry. Invest in your future as a real estate broker by enrolling today.

Ready to become a licensed NJ Real Estate Broker?